The studio is located in the antique premises of an old blacksmith`s shop from the 15th century. Around 1840 it was used by Peter Tunner, a professor of the Montanuniversity which was located in Vordernberg at this time (nowadays in Loeben). He was teaching his students how to treat and temper steel. That`s where the name "Lehrfrischhuette" comes from.
"Lehrfrischhuette" and "Radwerk IV" are two worth seeing museums in Vordernberg (Austria) which are operated by the association "Freunde des Radwerkes IV" (=friends of Radwerk IV).

Everybody has the opportunity to visit the smithy museum and studio. Please call us for an appointment.

+43676/54 62 369

Johann Dorfmeister prefers to work with metal and glass. He creates sculptures, trick fountains, light objects and much more out of it.

In the beginning of 2008 the "Steel-People" were born, sculptures in the size of human beings, manufactured out of a single block of steel which reflect the energy which was introduced...

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